Benefits Advice

Many people with ME/CFS are entitled to benefits such as ESA and DLA, but recent 'reforms' have made things more difficult for us. Always do research and take advice before applying for benefits. Unfortunately those who take the forms at face value and 'trust in the system' often fail to get the benefits to which they are entitled.

ME/CFS-specific advice on benefits can be obtained from the national support groups Action for ME and the ME Association. Many people find the ME Association booklets on filling in the forms particularly useful (see page 5 of their books & leaflets order form - scroll down to the link on the right hand side of this page) while Action for ME run a very good welfare rights helpline.

Other sources of help and advice:


DIAL Leeds

DIAL information and advice services provide information and advice on all aspects of living with a disability/long term condition: benefits problems, social care etc. Leeds DIAL Advice Line number is 0113 378 2990.

Leeds CAB

Leeds Citizens Advice Bureau offers free, confidential, impartial and independent advice and information on a wide range of subjects including benefits. They have offices across the city. Home visits may be available if you are not able to travel.

Leeds City Council Welfare Rights Unit

Confidential, impartial advice and support on welfare benefits, help with filling in forms, support with appeals, home visits available if you're not able to travel. See their website or call them on 0113 376 0452 for more information.

Michelle Cardno/Fightback4Justice

We have been contacted by Michelle Cardno, a welfare rights advisor offering help with disability benefits problems. We have no direct experience of Michelle but she recently gave a successful talk to the Sheffield ME Group. You can contact her via the Fightback4justice Facebook page or phone her on 07506 772430. You can email her here. (A reader has been in touch to say that Fightback4justice charge for their services and this is not very apparent from their website. It's obviously best to clarify their charges before you engage them. DIAL, CAB, and the Welfare Rights Unit (see above) are all free though are often very busy. If you do use Fightback4justice, we should be interested to hear what you think of them. Please leave feedback via our email address.)


Disability Rights UK

A national charity providing information and campaigning on issues such as benefits, social care etc. They produce the Disability Rights Handbook, an invaluable guide to benefits and services for the disabled.

Benefits and Work

Comprehensive information on benefits.

Disability Sanctuary

Support and information on matters relating to disability - has an ME/CFS-specific forum.

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