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Leeds & West Yorkshire CFS/ME Service

Leeds & West Yorkshire CFS/ME Service is an NHS specialist service which seeks to meet the needs of people with CFS/ME.

The vast majority of patients who attend the service are Outpatients, but we also offer a Home based Rehabilitation Service to those individuals with CFS/ME who are primarily housebound. - See more at: http://www.leedspft.nhs.uk/our_services/CFS_ME#sthash.nIm5zIxw.dpuf

The vast majority of patients who attend the service are outpatients but they also offer a home-based rehabilitation service for those who are primarily housebound.

The clinic offers an individualised collaborative multidisciplinary service. It is run by the Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust, which is a mental health trust.

People need to be referred to the service by their GP or other health professional involved in their care.

For more information, please see the Leeds & West Yorkshire CFS/ME Service web page.

Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic

The Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic is a clinical assessment and rehabilitation service for people experiencing persistent fatigue. They specialise in chronic fatigue syndrome/ myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) but they also see people with fatigue related to other disorders.

The Clinic has been established by Sue Pemberton, who was previously Clinical Lead at the Leeds and West Yorkshire CFS/ME Service. She has many years of experience in CFS/ME.

The Clinic can be consulted through the NHS or privately by self-referral. We have compiled some useful information on how to obtain NHS referrals to the clinic here.

Consultations by telephone or visual media (such as Skype) and a home-based rehabilitation service for the severely affected are available.

In addition to the adult service, the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic can be consulted by young people under 17 (who cannot be seen at the Leeds Service).

The Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic can provide reports for the DWP and PHI. They can also provide specific support from those who wish to maintain, or return to, work or study - including workplace or school/college visits.

For more information about what the clinic offers, please see their web site.

The YFC Annual Report 2014 can be downloaded here.

The Leeds Centre for Psychological Medicine (LGI Ward 40)

The Leeds Centre for Psychological Medicine is a mental health inpatient unit based at Leeds General Infirmary Ward 40. It works in collaboration with the Leeds and West Yorkshire CFS/ME Service, providing 'more intensive assessment/rehabilitation for severely affected patients'. Their annual report identifies CFS/ME as a psychological condition and also uses the archaic term 'neurasthenia',

This You Tube page has an interesting discussion about the unit, including contributions from former inpatients (identified as 'Leopard Tail' and 'Andy Leeds'). Scroll down to read the comments. Change the setting from 'top comments' to 'newest first' to make it easier to follow.

Local Social Meetings for People with ME/CFS - see our Meetings page.

Leeds ME Theatre Group - see plays in the company of other people with ME/CFS

Breathworks Courses in Leeds

The Leeds Triratna Buddhist Centre is running Breathworks 'Living Well with Pain and Illness' courses in the centre of Leeds, aimed primarily at people living with chronic pain and other long term health conditions such as ME.

On the course, they will introduce you to a wide range of mindfulness skills to ease the suffering associated with persistent pain, fatigue and ill health, and the stress that often arises as a result. Each week on this eight week course, you will learn new strategies and approaches within a warm and friendly secular group setting.

For details of Breathworks courses in Leeds, please phone Helen on 0113 2445256 or see here. (The page isn't always kept up to date!) If you are unable to attend a course in person, see here for details of online courses.

Mindful Living Courses in Leeds

Annika Wager is offering one to one sessions and courses in mindfulness in Leeds. While the courses are not aimed specifically at people with long term health problems, Annika uses very similar techniques to those used in the Breathworks courses and she herself has suffered with post viral fatigue syndrome.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction throughout Yorkshire

York MBSR run mindfulness courses in Leeds, Harrogate, Hull, York and Whitby. See their website for more details.

Anne Pemberton - Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Anne Pemberton is a practitioner in functional medicine and nutrigenomics who can be consulted in Leeds. ME/CFS is one of her special interests. She is also a qualified nurse. This approach, which is in many ways similar to that of Dr Sarah Myhill (see our national links page) is not mainstream but many people find it beneficial. See Anne's website for further details.

Dr Indra Barathan - Functional Medicine

Dr Barathan, who is a GP as well as a practitioner in functional medicine, has recently begun a clinic at the Good Health Centre in Roundhay, Leeds. She doesn't seem to have a special interest in ME/CFS but we mention her here because it is rare to find doctors using this approach to medicine which looks at the whole person rather than focusing on specific conditions. For more details, you can contact Dr Barathan on 07956 179743. She also now has a website. Or you can find her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/drindrabarathan We are interested in hearing your feedback if you consult Dr Barathan.

Expert Patients Programme Courses in Leeds

The Expert Patients Programme runs a variety of courses for patients living with long term health issues. The six week courses provide practical coping techniques for living with long term conditions and improving your health and quality of life. The courses are held across Leeds throughout the year. They are free of charge and transport costs can be reimbursed.

For more information, contact the Expert Patients Programme Team on 0113 843 4548 or 07944 299 403 or see their web page.

Marigold Wellbeing Centre

This centre was originally set up to support people with cancer, but the care they offer is now open to all people with chronic conditions, ME/CFS included. They offer 'the time and space to be supported unconditionally and in confidence by people who care'. A selection of complementary therapies are available, which may include relaxation, healing, aromatherapy, counselling, reiki, indian head massage and reflexology. The centre is open on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month (the 4th Saturday in December excluded) from 11am to 4pm, though it's fine to drop in for a shorter time if you wish. The centre is free of charge after an initial registration fee. It is based at St Michael's Hospice in Harrogate. See their web site for further information.

Natural Healing

Many people with ME/CFS find natural healing helpful. The Healing Trust's website says: "most people find the healing very relaxing and as a result find themselves in a state of well-being and peace. In addition to this, some find relief from their condition with a calmer approach to life and how they manage their situation". There's a list of healing centres in Leeds and nearby here. There is no compulsory charge but donations are welcome (£4 suggested).

Positive Care Programme Courses in Leeds

The Positive Care Programme is for people with long term health conditions and unpaid carers. The 20 week course is designed to improve participants' quality of life, with complementary therapies, group activities and group workshops. The course is free of charge. For more information, see their web site.

DIAL Leeds

DIAL information and advice services provide information and advice on all aspects of living with a disability/long term condition: benefits problems, social care etc. Leeds DIAL Advice Line number is 0113 378 2990.

Leeds CAB

Leeds Citizens Advice Bureau offers free, confidential, impartial and independent advice and information on a wide range of subjects including benefits. They have offices across the city. Home visits may be available if you are not able to travel.

Leeds City Council Welfare Rights Unit

Confidential, impartial advice and support on welfare benefits, help with filling in forms, support with appeals, home visits available if you're not able to travel. See their website or call them on 0113 376 0452 for more information.

Leeds M.E. Network

Leeds M.E. Network has come into being with the aim of benefitting people with M.E. in our region. For details of local meetings organised by LMETG, see here.

Neighbouring Patient Support Groups - see here for links to other local groups.

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