Informal Meetings for people with ME in Leeds

LMETG is running monthly informal meetings for people with ME/CFS and their friends & carers at the West Yorkshire Playhouse Cafe in central Leeds. They take place on the third Tuesday of each month, starting at 1pm. The meetings tend to last for about two hours but it's fine if you need to leave earlier. (Please note: It looks like the Playhouse will be closing for renovation sometime in late June 2018 so we we will probably have to find another venue for our meetings for a while. Please watch this space for details!)

The idea is for people to share their experiences of living with the condition and enjoy general chitchat in an informal environment.

New members are very welcome! Look for the tables in the cafe with the green LMETG signs. If you can't find us, please go to the reception desk and ask for a tannoy announcement.

The next meetings are on the following dates starting at 1pm

Tuesday 15th May 2018

(In case you were wondering, LMETG stands for 'Leeds ME Theatre Group' because the group meets at the theatre, but we prefer to use initials instead because you don't have to be interested in plays to come along!)

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