National ME Support Groups

M.E. Association

A national charity providing information, support and practical advice for people who are affected by M.E. and their families and carers. Also funds and supports research, and offers education and training.

Invest in M.E.

A charity campaigning for biomedical research into M.E.

M.E. Research UK

A charity funding much-needed biomedical research into M.E. Their website contains a wealth of research information, details of how to support etc.

Tymes Trust

A national service for children and young people with M.E. and their families.

25% Group

A national group which exists to support all who have the severe form of M.E. and those who care for them. This includes people who are housebound, bedbound and wheelchair users.

M.E. Action

An international organisation which aims to put people in touch with each other, primarily to join together in raising awareness of M.E. Facilitates petitions, campaigning etc. Runs the very successful 'Millions Missing' awareness events.

M.E. Support

A useful source of information on M.E.-related matters from Louise, who lives with M.E. herself.

See also our Benefits Advice page for further national links

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