How to Obtain NHS Referral to Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic (updated Sept 2015)

The Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic (YFC) is a clinical assessment and rehabilitation service for people experiencing persistent fatigue. They specialise in chronic fatigue syndrome/ myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) but they also see people with fatigue related to other disorders.

The Clinic has been established by Sue Pemberton and Dr Philip Wood, who were previously Clinical Lead and Consultant Physician at the Leeds and West Yorkshire CFS/ME Service. They both have many years of experience in CFS/ME.

Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic is now the preferred provider for CFS/ME services in North Yorkshire (excluding adults in the Harrogate area) so if you live in North Yorkshire, an NHS referral should be entirely straightforward: just go to your GP and ask. Further details here

An NHS referral may also be possible if you live in Leeds but unfortunately the situation at the moment is fluid. Speak to your GP and ask them to send a referral letter to YFC. (It should not need to go through the individual funding panel.) Further details here

Patients who live elsewhere are also getting successful NHS referrals to the YFC but they have to be done through the local CCG's exception panel. Once your GP has received this panel's authorisation, they should send a copy of this with the referral to YFC. Further details here  As your GP may not be familiar with the YFC, it will also be helpful to take along some information on the clinic (notes for commissioners, details of pricing and service specification) which you can obtain directly from the YFC - see contact details below. Tell your GP the reasons why you would prefer to be seen by the YFC rather than the Leeds Service or other local service. These may include:

  • Location (e.g. if you are nearer to York than to Leeds or whichever other service is being considered)
  • Continuity of Care (e.g. if you have previously been treated by Sue Pemberton, Joseph Bradley, Kelly Watson/Morgan or Dr Wood)
  • You want to see a Consultant Physician (there is currently no Consultant Physician at the Leeds Service)
  • You would prefer not to have your CFS/ME treated at a clinic run by a Mental Health Trust
  • You are under 17 (and so cannot be treated by the Leeds Service)
  • You need specialist help in maintaining - or returning to - work (as an element of which the YFC can make workplace visits)
  • You need specialist help in maintaining - or returning to - study (as an element of which the YFC can make school or college visits)
  • You need help with fatigue caused by something other than CFS/ME (covered by the YFC but not by the Leeds Service).

There may be other reasons not listed above.

It may also be worth pointing out to the GP that the YFC is cheaper.

If you would like to know more about the referral process, please contact the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic for a chat on 01904 557148.

There is more information about patients' right to choice under the NHS Constitution on this website and in the 2014 Choice Framework document which you can download here.

The YFC can also be consulted privately. There is a self-referral form on their web site. Phone them on on 01904 557148 for further details including prices.

There is further information about the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic on our Local Links page.

Note: If you live in Leeds and would like to consult a physician about your ME/CFS, you can ask your GP for a referral to Dr Philip Wood at St James's. This should be a straightforward referral.  It may be helpful to take a printout of Dr Wood's web page to show your GP. (Dr Wood does not provide ongoing illness management himself but can suggest to GPs that they refer on to this if required.)

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