Useful Books about M.E.

 When we set up this site some years ago, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of M.E.-related books that people have found helpful. Now it is reaching the stage where the list could probably do with updating, and we will try to look at that in the near future, but here are some books from the original list which are still very relevant today:

Fighting Fatigue - Managing the Symptoms of CFS/ME by Catherine Berry and Sue Pemberton: an excellent guide for the patient on how to manage your illness from day to day. Sue Pemberton is Therapy Director at the Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic.

ME/CFS/PVFS: An Exploration of Key Issues by Dr Charles Shepherd and Dr Abhjit Chauduri: updated annually, this is an excellent snapshot of the current state of knowledge about the condition. It is written for health professionals but is also accessible enough to be read by patients. Purchased directly from the M.E. Association - see their website(It is also worth looking at the other documents on the website, which cover a wide range of ME-related issues.)

Severe ME/CFS - A Guide to Living by Emily Collingridge: The definitive practical guide to living for those who are severely affected by the condition.

The Energy Equation by Dr Sarah Myhill. Dr Myhill is regarded as a 'maverick' by the medical establishment but she has published several peer-reviewed studies and many patients have found her treatments helpful. She now has several books available but a good choice may be the latest one, The Energy Equation, which is described as ‘her simplest and most readable account of the fundamentals of good health’.

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